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The Brontës - Aflevering 4: Veel en vroeg sterven

The Brontës - Aflevering 4: Veel en vroeg stervenBlijf verwonderd!

Hoe was het dagelijkse leven in Haworth? De paar overgebleven dagboekfragmenten van Emily en Anne geven een mooie inkijk.

Podcast The Brontës - citaat 4

November the 24, 1834
Monday Emily Jane Bronte Anne Brontë (…)
Branwell went down to Mr Drivers and brought news that Sir Robert peel was going to be invited to stand for Leeds Anne and I have been peeling Apples for Charlotte to make an apple pudding (…) papa opened the parlour Door and gave Branwell a Letter saying here Branwell read this and show it to your Aunt and Charlotte – The Gondals are discovering the interior of Gaaldine Sally mosley is washing in her back-Kitchin
(…) Anne and I have not Done our music exercise which consists of b majer Taby said on my putting a pen in her face Ya pitter pottering there instead of pilling a potate (…) Anne and I say I wonder what we shall be like and where we shall be and where we shall be if all goes on well in the year 1874 – in which year I shall be in my 57th year Anne will be going in her 55th year Branwell will be going in his 58th year And Charlotte in her 59th year hoping we shall all be well at that time we close our paper.

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The Brontes - Aflevering 4: Veel en vroeg sterven
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