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Ontdek ‘Promises’ van Pharoah Sanders en Floating Points

Ontdek ‘Promises’ van Pharoah Sanders en Floating PointsBlijf verwonderd!

Op donderdag 25 maart stellen jazzsaxofonist Pharoah Sanders en de Brit Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points hun nieuwe plaat ‘Promises’ voor op Klara. Een project samen met het London Symphony Orchestra. Exclusief te horen van 23h14 tot middernacht in Late Night Shift. Integraal in avant-première.
‘Promises’ van Pharoah Sanders en Floating Points© Julie Mehretu

Ontdek ‘Promises’ van Pharoah Sanders en Floating Points exclusief in Late Night Shift op Klara.

In Late Night Shift ligt de focus deze week op een bijzonder project dat op 26 maart 2021 zal uitkomen op het Luaka Bop label van David Byrne. Een album van Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders en de strijkers van het London Symphony Orchestra onder de noemer 'Promises'. Een album dat vijf jaar in the making was en de eerste nieuwe muziek van Pharoah Sanders in vijftien jaar. Tune in Joh!

A composition for Saxophone, Strings, Keyboards and electronics entitled ‘Promises’ by Sam Shepherd. Pharaoh Sanders : tenor Saxophone and voice. Sam Shepherd: Piano, Harpsichord, Fender Rhodes, Celesta, Hammond B3, oberheim 4 voice & oB-Xa, Solina String ensemble, therevox et-4.3, eMS Synthi, ARP 2600 and Buchla 200e. The strings of the London Symphony orchestra. Recorded at Sargent Recorders, Los Angeles, California. Engineered by Sean Cook.

©Eric Welles-Nyström
Recorded at Sargent Recorders, Los Angeles, California. engineered by Sean Cook.
© Eric Welles-Nyström
Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders at the piano

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An extraordinary new project will be released this spring on Luaka Bop: a collaborative album, some five years in the making, by Floating Points, saxophonist Pharoah Sanders and The London Symphony Orchestra.

The album is composed and engineered by Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points.

Never one to settle on one style, Sam instead masters many. His debut Elaenia was hailed as one of the finest of the decade while Loud and Quiet summed it up around his recent album Crush saying, “whatever wavelength Shepherd is on, Crush is the almost untouchable proof that no-one else is anywhere near it”.

For Pharoah Sanders, who recently turned 80, this is a rare outing and his first album in fifteen years. One of the last icons of his generation - performed with John Coltrane on his late-career jazz masterpieces and released a string of expansive recordings under his own name for the Impulse! label which have been cited as a pivotal influence by everyone from The Stooges to Marvin Gaye. Most recently, he was featured in this year’s Supreme campaign.

The album was recorded at Sargent Studios in Los Angeles, where Sanders lives, in the summer of 2019, with an additional session at George Martin’s AIR Studio in London this past Summer, with strings performed by The London Symphony Orchestra, written and composed by Shepherd.

The music unfurls, patiently, over nine movements, and 46 ever-undulating minutes. It’s a work of pure feeling, like no other record you’ll hear this or any other year.

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Late Night Shift

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