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Podcast The Brontës - aflevering 13

Podcast The Brontës - aflevering 13Blijf verwonderd!

Charlotte Brontë klaagde in haar romans over de ongelijkheid tussen man en vrouw. Over die andere belangrijke sociale kwestie, de grote breuk tussen arm en rijk, hield ze er verassend genoeg een minder vooruitstrevende visie op na.

Podcast The Brontës - citaat 13

Podcast The Brontes - aflevering 13
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“For, after all, if political incendiaries come here to kindle conflagration in the neighbourhood, and my property is attacked, I shall defend it like a tigress - I know I shall. Let me listen to Mercy as long as she is near me. Her voice once drowned by the shout of ruffian defiance, and I shall be full of impulses to resist and quell. If once the poor gather and rise in the form of the mob, I shall turn against them as an aristocrat; if they bully me, I must defy: if they attack, I must resist, and I will. “

(uit Shirley van Charlotte Brontë)

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