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Podcast The Brontës - aflevering 3

Podcast The Brontës - aflevering 3Blijf verwonderd!

Tijdens haar verblijf in een Brussels pensionaat werd Charlotte Brontë verliefd op haar leraar Monsieur Heger. Toen ze weer in Engeland was, bleef ze hem hartstochtelijke brieven schrijven.

Podcast The Brontës - citaat 3

Podcast The Brontes - aflevering 3
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Monsieur, the poor do not need much to live – they only ask for the crumbs of bread which fall from the rich man’s table – but if one refuses them these crumbs of bread – they die of hunger – Nor do I need much affection from those I love – I would not know what to do with an absolute and complete friendship – I am not used to such a thing – but you once showed me a little interest when I was your pupil in Brussels – and I cling on to preserving that little interest – I cling on to it as I cling on to life

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