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Late Night Shift op 25/02 met een geweldige live set van Hi Hawaii & Jef Neve, Lizabett Russo, Allen Ginsberg & Bill Frisell, Warped Dreamer, Pas de Deux, Tindersticks, Yannis Kyriakides, Bernard Szajner, David Fenech & Klimperei, NO ECHO NO no, The Lama Home Band, Brik Tu-Tok, Kreng + Svarte Greiner, 8:58 & The Unthanks, Robert Fripp & David Byrne, The Underflow, Danielle de Picciotto, èn een duik in de releases van het bwaa.-label. Tune in Joh!
The Lama Home Band©Cover art by Kim Duchateau

The Lama Home Band op 25/02 om 23u20 in Late Night Shift op Klara

Late Night Shift 25 02 2021
Limited Edition double vinyl©Cortizona
Remastered from the master tapes. Second lp with 5 unreleased extra tracks from ‘Some Deaths’ recording sessions. Extra insert with extended liner notes by producer Karel Beer and John Olson (Wolf Eyes). First reissue on vinyl since its original 1980 release.

Deze week in Late Night Shift o.m. 'Warden Plays' uit 'Some Deaths Take Forever' van Bernard Szajner. Muziek die hij veertig jaar geleden opnam na het zien van een Amnesty International documentaire. En die nu is heruitgebracht op het onvolprezen Cortizona-label.De Directeur Generaal daar, Philippe Cortens, maakt er een sport van om dat soort parels weer op te blinken, en op een plateautje aan te bieden aan de volgende generaties. Daar zou hij eens een prijs voor moeten krijgen!

Recording an album about the feelings of two prisoners waiting on death row. As a statement against capital punishment.
It was (and even still is nowadays) a delicate and ambitious plan.
Bernard Szajner did it, in 1980, after watching an Amnesty International documentary.

And stakes were high: at that point in his life Szajner has spent the majority of the 70’s doing light and visuals for bands as Magma, Gong, Pink Floyd and The Who. In the meantime he created his own instrument, the ‘Syringe’, aka the first laser harp, and made his debut as a musician under the Z moniker with ‘Visions of Dune’.

When listening to ‘Some Deaths Take Forever’ in 2020 it’s hard to believe it was recorded already four decades ago: the melancholic piano theme and the metallic synth riffs of opener ‘Welcome to Death Row’ set the tone for a mind blowing audio journey which at one moment echoes the vibe of early 80’s gloom funk and derailed krautrock drenching into pulsating proto Detroit techno and on the other hand sounds like the blueprint for a futuristic electronic
music scene in the years to come.

The influence and the impact of ‘Some Deaths Take Forever’ is also still vibrating: Carl Craig mentioned it as his all time favorite album in Future Mag, the signature sound of Oneohtrix Point Never feels almost like a not so hidden tribute and the killer sci fi electronics of tracks ‘Ressurector’ or ‘A Kind Of Freedom’ resonates through the discography of Air and Daft Punk, to name a few.

Excerpt liner notes John 'Inzane' Olson:

Szajner's album here sounds different with each listen, a new unnoticed corner blaring aloud to be (re)discovered within any of the ten tracks: strongest mark of a classic if there was any.
So buckle in, spray yourself with this electric insecticide and let your shadowy sentence ring out with a "loud clanging noise that turned out be an electronic gavel."

Excerpt liner notes Karel Beer (producer):

Now 40 years later when listening to “Some Deaths…” in spite of the uncompromising subject matter and knowing that the written word is his most influential source of inspiration I am struck by the unexpected references that can be heard on the tracks. There’s Shaft, Jeff Beck, Morricone, Weather Report and even Timmy Thomas. A truly eclectic bunch that somehow makes sense of an era. It’s almost as if Szajner is applying these accidental or
intentional influences just as an artist would use inks, oils or found forms to a canvas.
released January 21, 2021

Bernard Szajner: modular synth, vocoder, sequencing, percussion
Pierre Chérèze: guitar
Marc Geoffroy: Fender Rhodes, piano, polymoog
Klaus Blasquiz: voice
Bernard Paganotti: bass on 'Welcome to Death Row' and 'Ritual'
Michael Quartermain: singing voice on 'Ressurector'
Alain Agius: saxophone
Michael Rabinowitz: basson

Remastered from the original masters by Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Mastering

Vinyl cut by D&M Berlin
all rights reserved

Wij laten op 25/02 ook 'Bird Shuffle' van Lennart Heyndels horen, de helft van Hi Hawaii, een track uit zijn eerste soloplaat 'Halling', opgenomen tijdens een residentie op het Noorse platteland waar ze nog traditioneel volksdansen en uitgebracht op het zeer te pruimen Bwaa.-label van de heren Roel en Victor. Zij houden van spontane, oprechte muziek, zoals ook die van Kabas bvb., de band van Thijs Troch, Jan Daelman, Elias Devoldere en Nils Vermeulen, met in de opname die je in Late Night Shift hoort als vijfde speler de akoestiek van de oude zaal van het Mechelse kunstencentrum Nona.
Bart Vanhoudt

Late Night Shift

Welkom in een wereld vol klankavontuur!

Presentatie: Bart Vanhoudt

Samenstelling: Gerrit Valckenaers

Contact: via de reageerknop in de Klara-app of via

Elke donderdag van 22 uur tot middernacht op Klara, en de Klara-app.
Nadien is de uitzending nog 4 weken lang te herbeluisteren via de site en de app.